How to spend life lazily

hello to whoever is reading this~~

today is not a wonderful day there are clouds in the sky ,traffic on the road, i am obviously not in a beautiful garden but that does not matter. what does matter is that today is the perfect day to talk about being lazy . nope this is not something about philosophy or nice morals, just a simple and casual (one sided) discussion about the importance of being lazy.if you want to read something serious turn

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I am a very normal person which can be found anywhere if you ever decide to look for one.

But unlike some (or everyone) out there I am not Writing this to blabber all day about my life , nor do i have any  great intentions to enlighten somebody by my speeches. rather I am trying to do the opposite. I want to clear my doubts on various topics and I just have too much free time on my hands. my biggest question , and the only thing i will tell about myself is, what gives humans the confidence or rather the insolence to make speculations on everything and believe it to be absolutely correct , though this, i do not intend to talk about right now since it takes time , and i do not want to make an introduction full of nonsense.

all in all I want to say that nothing i write is set in stone and if you find something wrong in my views please  feel more than welcome to correct it.  I welcome all of your views , no, rather, please  express them , for that will act as encouragement for me. If you do not like people like me , I suggest you turn around now.

If you are still here , it may sound a bit cliche but, although i do not plan to reveal anything about me, I will try to be there as a friend and an adviser when you need one.

You see , some times its just better to consult your worries with a stranger and  free yourself from the burden, because you are almost certain to never  meet again.

Unless its Karma..